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T Found those Brown Trout!!

guided fly fishing tours on the upper delaware river for big brown trout with filingo fly fishing

God this was a Fun Fish!

fly fishing on guided fly fishing tours with jesse filingo of filingo fly fishing on the upper delaware river on guided float tours for wild brown trout and wild rainbow trout

Boating vs. Wading

Learn the advantages of fly fishing from a drift boat verse fly fishing while wading!
fly fishing the pocono mountains and delaware river for wild brown trout with jesse filingo of filingo fly fishing

Winter at It's Finest

Winter's almost done..

guided fly fishing in the pocono mountains for brown trout with jesse filingo

In This River

In This River
In this river
I've awoke my soul.
Admiration of


Theres something so special about fly fishing in the winter..


I'll come home sometimes after spending

Fall Fishing with Care

Now that fall is back, nobody can deny its true beauty.

Falls a Coming

A little something something about the fall..

Summer Care

We all love the sweet smell of summer.

My Hearts Home!

The water rushes beneath my feet,

as my mind has lost track of time.

The water whisks its way

Drifting Through Life..

The morning started out foggy, hazy, and cool as it so often does in the spring on the Delaware River.

River Thoughts

When I know I'm going fishing I wake up with a different kind of energy! It's truly something I can't even describe.

Spring is Here

Boulder stricken.

Riffle ripplin.

Humbly soothe my soul.

As I sit here on your banks

A Cloudy Day

Cloudy. Cold. Cobble. Stop.

I'll be right here until the caskets drop.

Flowing. Cold. Rain.

Being Here

My feet collided with small granite cobble. The crystal clear water rushed over them with a vengeance, but still peaceful.

Montana Bound

Thanks to Fly Fishing and Tying Journal, my partner Renee Catherine and I will be heading to Big Sky Country tomorrow! FTJ

A Little About Myself

I'm happy to say FilingoFlyFishing is launching a new website and blog for your pleasure. Here's a little about myself to kick things off!