Falls a Coming

     As the sweetness of Summer begins to wind down, in comes the cool, crisp mornings of the eye appealing, jaw dropping color changes of fall. Although I can't say that I'd choose one season over the other, fall definitely has a special place within my heart. As the surrounding green fades to beautiful shades of a darker rainbow with reds, oranges, purples and more, my eyes and heart can't help but melt when surrounded by such beauty. The morning chill that comes with the fall revives my very being, and I love to watch my cigar smoke twirl in the crisp air.

     The fishing definitely begins to change in the fall as well. Now that a river's more agressive fish begin moving upward to find suitable spawning grounds, they can be located in all water types. But no one can argue with pulling trout out of the shallower riffles and runs of any river during the fall. Not just big boys and girls either, but enjoying the younger agressive ones as well. The larger fish are nothing short of a blessing every time.

     As the colors on the vegetation change and fish behavior changes, so does the river itself. Now riddled with falling, crinkled leaves, the rivers temperatures begin to cool down in the early hours, forcing the wet wading shoes back in the closet. Cold rains can blow through and chill you right to the bone, while at the same time delight the soul.

     Fall is such a special time of year. We hope for the rain to help fish move around a little better, but if we don't receive any the fish can become extremely vulnerable. Not only for anglers but for predators such as birds prey. And there will be times come deeper in the fall that spawning pairs will be very much in sight...sometimes it's best to leave those love birds alone, however, as they prepare for their mating rituals.

     Now that the air has chilled it's time to start and end your mornings with pumpkin based coffee or tea, and get rid of the orginal for a couple weeks. Or if your anything like me, maybe end the day with a pumpkin flavored beer and a slice of good, homeade pumpkin pie.

     Take full advantage of your fall, no matter which state your located in. Take a break from the continuous casting to stop and appreciate the changing colors. To appreciate the leaves as they fall from the sky. Sit on a rock or log and simply breathe in the freshened cool air, and feel God's presence in everything around you. Although I'll miss summer, especially when winter starts rolling in strong, I won't let the short but wonderful fall slip by me..