Guided Tours

Pocono Mountain Wade Trips

Half Day Wade Trips - Morning or Afternoon (4-5hrs) : $250

Full Day Wade Trips (8ish'hrs) : $350

  • every extra person : $50

Delaware River Float Trips

Half Day Float Trips - Morning or Afternoon (4-5hrs) : $350

Full Day Float Trips (8-10hrs) : $450

(8-10 hours depends on how much I like ya...)

Lehigh River Float Trips

Half Day Float Trips - Morning or Afternoon (4-5hrs) : $350

Full Day Float Trips (8-10hrs) : $450

  • for half day wade and float trips, I supply snackes and drinks
  • for full day wade and float trips, I supply snacks, drinks, and lunches along with extra goodies

Wader Rentals

  • Waders cost $10 a day to rent per person.

Credit/Debit Card Purchases

  • There's an extra fee of $8 for any card deposits or purchases.

Scenic Float Rides

Scenic float rides provide non anglers the opportunity to float down the upper Delaware River system to simply enjoy the surroundings. These floats are perfect for photographers, outdoor enthusiasts, bird watchers, and even for a romantic getaway down the upper Delaware River. These floats will last anyhwere from 2-4 hours depending on water levels, timing, and route. Food and beverages come with these trips, as well as a guaranteed good time. All Delaware River scenic floats cost : $200

Adventure Trips

Adventure trips are when I take ya'll to spectacular places such as Montana for one heck of a time! Basically, I rent cabins, wine and dine you, and let you run rampant on some of the countries most scenic wild trout streams. We have an absolute ball on these trips which usually run for 4-5 full days of fishing. Prices vary for these trips, so is all you have to do is tell me your interested, and we'll nail down the details then. Let's face it, life today is tough, and I'm always willing to work with you to bring that smile out and get a tight line going!!!

Casting Clinics

Beginners Session for an Hour on Dry Land : $50

Advanced Session for an Hour in Water : $100

Tying Lessons

Hour Long Session : $50

  • any extra time after that can be discussed upon meeting

Flies By Request

Custom Tied Flies:

  • Midges - 2.00$
  • Nymphs - 2.00$
  • Wets - 2.00$
  • Dries - 2.00$
  • Buggers - 3.00$
  • Streamers - 4.00$

I must admit, once my guiding season's in full swing it's hard to get fly orders out. However, if you work with me we can make something work. Most of my client tying is done throughout the winter, while my commercial tying of Jemstone Worms in full swing. Thanks to the dozens of shops I tie for all over the country, I'm selling Jemstones by the thousands. These are my bread and butter fly during the slow season.

Speaking Events

Call or email me to discuss when, where, and how much it would be to speak at your local shop. Whether it's talking streamers and how to chuck them, or the best angles for casting small dries at finicky rising trout. Lets kick back and have some fun. Oh, and learn about fly fishing!


Cancellation Policy

  • I totally understand that things happen in life that can possibly affect your booking, but please try and let me know as soon as possible. If you cancel within seven days of your booking, the full amount of your trip will be required. However, 50% of this total cost can be used for a future booking if you wish to do so. Keep me up to speed and we'll work on scheduling however we can!