Whether you want to chase fiesty native brook trout in small, prestine mountain creeks. Seduce gorgeous, finicky wild brown and rainbow trout on the Delaware River or surrounding systems. Or head out west to try your luck at some different species of trout, we have the trip for you! If there's a certain species your interested in - we can catch it! If there's a certain style of fishing you prefer - I can arrange it! If you simply want to wine and dine while enjoying the scenery, we could do that as well.

Brook Trout - Possibly some of the most fun fishing in my opinion. This beautiful species is native to east coast watersheds located in and around the Appalachian Mountains. There are numerous streams to seek out and fish for these feisty trout. Fishing will require light weight tackle, big dry flies, and some stealthy approaches. Guided brook trout trips will be offered in the warmer months, from June - September.

Brown Trout - Possibly the most aggressive of all trout species, brown trout are located in most of our local water. They will provide the opportunity to fish with streamers, nymphs, wets, dries, and anything in between depending on the situation. Brown trout can be caught all year long, and depending on what style of fishing you prefer (if any), a guided trip can be booked in accordance.

Rainbow Trout - Wild rainbow trout are quite a rarity to the east coast for the most part. So fishing for "wild" rainbows will be done on a select few rivers. If there is no preference for wild versus stocked fish, river choices can be expanded upon. Rainbows can be fished for all year, with less pressure during the spring months when they are spawning. They, like brown trout, offer a lot of variety in fishing techniques.

Cut-bow or Hybrid Trout - This is what you get when a rainbow and cutthroat trout interbreed, and let me tell you, they are fun to catch. Although the breeding between these different species is considered a problem to many watersheds scattered across the west coast, they are a riot to capture on the fly. They have the power and reel peeling abilities of a wild rainbow, with the coloration of spawning cutthroat. Fishing for them can be done all year.

Cutthroat Trout - Cutthroat trout, similar to the brook trout of the east coast, is a western native. Not only is this a fish worth giving yourself the pleasure to see personally, it is one worth fighting on a fly rod. Cutthroat trout can be caught all year long, and on all different methods depending on the timing in which you fish for them.