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FilingoFlyFishing is far from your average guide service. I built this company from the ground up to be unique and stand apart from the rest. How do I do that you ask..? It's simple - by giving you a fresh and beautiful experience on the water. I wouldn't dare tell you that on my trips your guaranteed to catch "The Largest Fish" you've ever seen. Nope.. I can promise that I will provide you with opportunities to catch fish, however; but I can't hold the rod for you. More importantly, I will make sure we have the time of our lives while on a guided tour together, or when taking a casting or tying lessons. Not only am I a guide, but also a teacher of the art form and rivers. This means that I'll be filling you with knowledge on bugs as we lift rocks together, fish as we see them behave, and every other aspect of the river's lively veins. As our day comes to an end, you'll leave our experience with full confidence that you can catch fish wherever you may be, alone or in company. You'll now have the knowledge and skill sets to feel much more comfortable on the water.

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Fishing Conditions: May 9, 2020

Pocono Mountain Pennsylvania Streams: We definitely have water in the streams surrounding Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains region. We've had some heavy rains recently, with more on the way here in Pennsylvania. Althoughs some streams might not be wadeable right now, the high water this time of year is a great thing. It will help our flows as we head into mid/late May and early June. I think our April showers held off until May this year in the Pocono Mountain region. High water is a good time to try a variety of streamers and larger nymphs the fish could see. There's definitely bugs such as BWO's, Quills, Hendricksons, and Caddis flying around, but the trout in the Pocono Mountains aren't looking up as much as you'd think with the high water.

Upper Delaware River: The West Branch of the Delaware River is flowing roughly 1,890cfs and 46-48 degrees at Hale Eddy. The East Branch of the Delaware River is flowing roughly 2,710cfs and 46-48 degrees at Fish Eddy. The Main Stem of the Delaware River is flowing roughly 5,670cfs and 46-47 degrees at Lordville.

All systems of the Upper Delaware River in New York and Pennsylvania are pumping some serious water right now but slowly receeding. Cannonsville Reservoir that feeds the West Branch of the Delaware River is over 100% capacity, and pumping in nice cold water. Although the water is murky we've still been having great BWO's, Caddis, and Hendricksons in the West Branch of the Delaware River. As water continues to drop and clear, more fish can be seen looking up. As for the East Branch of the Delaware River, same thing. Pepactin Reservoir is running over 100% now and giving the East Branch great flows currently. The same bugs apply to the East Branch of the Delaware River.  The Main Stem Delaware River is really up though but becoming more fishable every day. However, tonights rain could raise water levels quite a bit more. With more rain coming I think it's going to take a while to drop all the systems, but there's nothing wrong with that for this time of year. I'd rather have high flows and full reservoirs now than not. But, bugs have been coming off and the trout have been cooperating, we'll take it. Streamer fishing has been a solid way to pass the time, but it has been a little hit or miss. Wade fishing is definitely not much of an option anywhere in the Upper Delaware River. Some of the river edges it's possible, just be very careful in the swift murky water.

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West Branch Delaware River - Stilesville

West Branch Delaware River - Hale Eddy

East Branch Delaware River - Downsville

East Branch Delaware River - Fish's Eddy

Delaware River - Lordville

Reservoir Levels