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Oh Sweet Sweet Summer. The Beer is crisper on the Boat, and the Trout are Tougher - YESSSS! It's a Beautiful Time to be on the Upper Delaware River!

Wine, Dine, and Cast a Line. Before you know it we're out of Time..

Welcome to Filingo Fly Fishing

FilingoFlyFishing is far from your average guide service. I built this company from the ground up to be unique and stand apart from the rest. How do I do that you ask..? It's simple - by giving you a fresh and beautiful experience on the water. I wouldn't dare tell you that on my trips your guaranteed to catch "The Largest Fish" you've ever seen. Nope.. I can promise that I will provide you with opportunities to catch fish, however; but I can't hold the rod for you. More importantly, I will make sure we have the time of our lives while on a guided tour together, or when taking a casting or tying lessons. Not only am I a guide, but also a teacher of the art form and rivers. This means that I'll be filling you with knowledge on bugs as we lift rocks together, fish as we see them behave, and every other aspect of the river's lively veins. As our day comes to an end, you'll leave our experience with full confidence that you can catch fish wherever you may be, alone or in company. You'll now have the knowledge and skill sets to feel much more comfortable on the water.

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Fishing Conditions: June 16, 2020

Pocono Mountain Pennsylvania Streams: So the potential rains here in the Pocono Mountain region of Pennsylvania have been severly hit and miss, leaving some streams plump for a day or two, and others still hoping for rain. Most of our streams in the Pocono Mountain region are pretty dang low, and lowering. We've been seeing Caddis still and the small BWO's on cloudy days here in Pennsylvnia. Sulphurs have also been hit and miss, not being that strong so far this year from what I've seen. Fly fishing the Pocono Mountain region of Pennsylvania with nymphs in the faster water is effective this time of year as the trout tend to hold in the more oxygen packed areas. Hopefully these cool nights continue on because they really help our stream temps, but make sure to do a temperature check before fishing. If water temps feel warm and are warm, take care of those trout!

Upper Delaware River: The West Branch of the Delaware River is flowing roughly 590cfs and 47-52 degrees at Hale Eddy. The East Branch of the Delaware River is flowing roughly 407cfs and 61-64 degrees at Fish Eddy. The Main Stem of the Delaware River is flowing roughly 1,300cfs and 60-65 degrees at Lordville.

The Upper Delaware River in New York and along the Pennsylvania border has been fishing pretty well as of late. We could use steady rains or reservoir releases to add a little flow to all the systems, but at least we have the cool nights to keep our temperatures down for now. Without the cool nights, the lower east branch was really struggling.. Water temperatures on the lower East Branch of the Delaware River and Main Stem of the Delaware River we're on and above 70 degrees. It'd be nice if Pepacton could help with that. Regardless, we'll take cooler weather. We've still been seeing Caddis flying about, along with BWO's on the cloudy days as usual this time of year. Both very small, and larger sized 14 BWO's have been flying. Life is good! Sulphurs have also been around, but spotty. Fly fishing the Upper Delaware River with nymphs has also been a solid option. Down sized versions of your favorites are always good!

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West Branch Delaware River - Stilesville

West Branch Delaware River - Hale Eddy

East Branch Delaware River - Downsville

East Branch Delaware River - Fish's Eddy

Delaware River - Lordville

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