You know I'm either on the water or in the woods searching for the next big thing, but that better not stop you from calling or emailing me in regards to booking your trip of a lifetime!

Tight lines my fishy friends, and keep them wet!

I'll be out of the country for a bit due to some fishy business ;) .. However, I'll be checking my email once a week to respond to emails and bookings. So please excuse the time it may take for me to get back to you. I will respond though, so just bare with me on the time. Before you know it I'll be back and have some damn fishy stories to tell. God Bless until then and thank you for booking with Filingo Fly Fishing!


Phone: 615-428-5090

First Time Flyers: If your embarking on your first fly fishing adventure with me, understand that you need to be prepared for the conditions. Have the proper clothing depending on the season (lighter for the summer, warmer for the spring and winter), have a rain jacket, and bring long enough and warm enough socks to wear under waders. Keep in mind that I only have a limited supply of waders and I can't fit all sizes as of now.

* Indicates Response Required