Being Here

My feet collided with small granite cobble. The crystal clear water rushed over them with a vengeance, but still peaceful. Still.. My breath was taken as I gazed upon the morning's sun trying to break the dense clouds that the mountains owned. Surrounding me was an envelope of wellness. Surrounding me was a wholeness that my heart and soul had been longing for since I left.

Massive pine towered over me like a canopy. The power which these these trees hold is only given by God himself. It's impossible for one to look at these red barked pines and not be awed. For this tree, this amazing tree, has withstood the mistreatments of time. Of humans.. But here it stands - here they stand. An eagle calms his rest upon the very top, more elegant than one could image.

My feet keep moving against current and cobble, stopping periodically to realize my small place on this earth. Fog is quietly taking over the river, and eagles soar all around me. As their screeches echo the valley, I realize I'm with them. My feet keep pacing.

Here I stand in this midsts of this river's mighty glory. The world outside of me has totally stopped. Nothing other than this moment matters. My rod lies limp next to me, with a loose grip on the cork which has seen thousands of fish.. Thousands of the world's most beautiful fish.

Then I see something. I see something that catches my eye more so than an eagle soaring above. The river's other side called for a swirl in the current - one so perfect I couldn't help but tighten my grip. As the fog grew denser, my line cut through it like a knife. My soaring line unfolded perfectly as the fly gently made it's landing.

The water erupted and my arm began to vibrate, breaking the stillness of morning. My mind, heart, and soul couldn't be happier or more fulfilled. I belong here with this magnificent fish. I belong here in this moment. I belong here on this earth.. Thank you for this place. Thank you.