River Thoughts

When I know I'm going fishing I wake up with a different kind of energy! It's truly something I can't even describe. Instead of rolling out of bed and lazily making my way around the house, I jump out with authority. I begin to crave the air blowing outside my windows.

Sometimes I can sit and eat breakfast, but more times than not I don't even want to waste time making it. Throw a granola bar in the pack, maybe two, and I'm off to escape reality.

Driving in a car all of a sudden got way more intense ha.. The wind rushing past my car couldn't be anymore fresh than it is this morning. Even the smell of it fills my heart with happiness. Usually I'm blasting the Avett Brothers or Tupac as I ride to whichever piece of water I choose, whether it be new or an old timer. I know they're very different tastes of music, but my mood depicts that. Drake though too - we can't forget about the Drake mornings!

After the night of struggled sleep because I'm so anxious to be awake, breakfast or not, the drive, rod and reel preparations the night before.. I'm finally here. Or, well, somewhere close to moving water. The feeling is surreal, everytime. My body and soul is now rejuvenated. Everything is so much clearer now, as the world slowly dims out of my mind.

Then I see the water. I see it rumbling over the rocks as it glides it's way to a smooth slick. I hear it as if I were wearing headphones. It's beautiful. It's nothing short of beautiful.

This is what it's all about ya'll. These moments trapped in precious time. Moments of escaping our lives and problems. I wonder if you feel the same way. Maybe I know that answer.