Spring is Here

Boulder stricken.

Riffle ripplin.

Humbly soothe my soul.

As I sit here on your banks anew,

I find a hearts so full.

Your mighty sound

echoes through my ears.

There's nothing but the light.

Piercing line cutting through your waves.

Graphite withstanding the fight.

Tiny wings,

fluttering around me.

Oh most precious to my eyes.

Peaceful can't explain my state.

Especially in a world riddled with lies.

Now the sky is full of olives,

as I see your speckled snout.

My feet can't help but hurry.

My reel can't help but shout.

As I stand

to take it in,

a part of me is forever here.

Every moment on your banks is special.

And spring is an amazing time of year.

It felt so good to sit upon the banks of a river while the sun shined it's warmth on me. As the day rolled on, numerous bugs poured from the riffles as they flew away - almost glittering in the sun. It was so beautiful.. To simply sit there and watch everything coming alive around me. To take it all in and enjoy every moment for what it was worth. I'll never forget days like this. I'll never forget them..