A Little About Myself

Well ya'll, here it is - my new website and first ever blog. I couldn't be more stoked to take you along on this journey with me as I write about adventures I take, people and places I greet, and of course netted fish. Not only will I be blogging about experiences, but there will be some informative stuff going on as well. However, we're going to get one thing straight right here right now, this isn't going to be your average blog or business site. No way!

There will be times for poetic words and proper grammer, but for the most part I'm going to get on here and have fun. Fly fishing at times needs to be crisp and energetic. It needs to be flawed and careless. That's what I'm reaching for with this blog, capturing moments in a fun and youthful way. With a new guiding season upon me, and SO many new rivers to explore and woods to seek, 2016 is going to phenominal and full of fantastic memories.

I'm Jesse Filingo, owner and operator of FilingoFlyFishing. I'm 26 years young, and constantly striving to better this planet with every footstep along every river. Whether the path is beaten or hidden, I'll take a try at it.