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October Dry Fly Fishing 2020

fly fishing delaware river and pocono mountains pennsylvania big brown trout

Spring Streamer Fishing

Fly fishing the Delaware River int he spring

Big Brown Trout Slow Mo Part 1

Wild Brown Trout on an Awesome Spring Day!

I got out to do some early spring fly fishing and it paid off! The morning was chillier than expected but as it warmed up, so did the fishing. It was an awesome day out there!

9 Trout in 1 Pocket

A short video of me catching 9 wild brown trout out of 1 small pocket.

First Dry Fly Eats 2020

Catching your first trout on a dry fly for the year is always a great feeling! Here's a video of my first couple!

Spring is in the Air!

Nothing like taking advantage of a warm late winter, early spring day on the water fly fishing. Life is good catching wild brown trout while fly fishing with nymphs.

Tough Day of Winter Fly Fishing

Fly fishing isn't always easy, especially during the winter months.. This day was a classic example of working hard to net a few trout while nymphing during cold weather.

Big New Zealand Brown Trout on a Dry Fly

There's nothing like catching big wild brown trout on a dry fly in a pristine environment! This trout was willing to eat my first drift with a busy dry fly and the fight was awesome.

Winter Fly Fishing for Wild Brown Trout

East Coast Fly Fishing 4 Rivers in 2 Days!

Fall Fly Fishing for Wild Brown Trout

I had a great time fly fishing with nymphs for a few hours on this gorgeous fall day for wild brown trout. Trout really get active before they spawn and the colder temperatures of winter set it. I happened to time this day just right, and had a blast catching a few trout.

October Brown Trout

Fly fishing in the fall on the east coast for these fiesta wild brown trout is truly something awesome. I hooked, landed, and safely released this gem of a brown trout.

Fall Fly Fishing Small Creeks

Fall fly fishing is a site to behold in the east coast. The air and water are cooling down and the trout are on the feed before their winter slumber. Here's a short video of a wild brown trout I caught nymphing a small pocket in a small creek.

Guides Day Off and Big Browns

When a guide gets a day off what does he do? Fish of course! This was a big brown trout that made my travels well worth it.

New Zealand Rainbow Under the Willow

This was only the 3rd or 4th trout I casted too in New Zealand. After a good bit of walking we stumped upon this large rainbow feeding heavily on tiny mayflies beneath this willow bush. A few changes to the rig and it didn't take but the right cast to get him looking up.
guided fly fishing adventures on the delaware river and in the pocono mountains with jesse filingo of filingo fly fishing

Chuckin that Winter Meat Around!

having some fun catching fish with streamers during the cold months with filingo fly fishing
fly fishing for wild brown trout in the pocono mountains on guided fly fishing tours with jesse filingo of filingo fly fishing

Healthy Wild Winter Browns

This healthy wild brown trout was caught by casting a small dry fly right against the bank. Truly and awesome experience with jesse filingo of filingo fly fishing in the Pocono Mountains and Upper Delaware River.

Tasty Little Dry

large wild brown trout caught fly fishing on a small creek with jesse filingo of filingo fly fishing

Small Creeks = Big Browns

Nymphing Big Wild Brown Trout

Had a great time exploring the southeast wilderness and all it has to offer. We managed to find remote water and gold. Thank you Virginia's!!
streamer tactics to help enhance your overall fly fishing experience with jesse f and jerkme j on the delaware river

Streamer Tactics Part 2

A little something to help improve the average fly fishers streamer fishing experience. Come join myself, (Jesse F) and Jerkme J on another Delaware River journey to expand your mind.
Fly fishing throughout New York and Colorado!!

Nymphing Strategies Landing Brown Trout

Excited to let ya'll into some of my deepest nymphing secrets! The more indicators you put on, the more fish you'll catch!

Dry Fly Fishing for Brown Trout

Nothing beats a wild brown trout slurping in a well presented dry fly!