fly fishing the pocono mountains and delaware river for wild brown trout with jesse filingo of filingo fly fishing

Winter at It's Finest

Winter's almost done.. It's that time of year when your knuckles and fingers crack and bleed while your at home wishing you were out there testing the elements. It might be winter, and maybe you'll only catch a couple fish compared to a couple dozen in the spring, but.. Feeling that streamer going through that deep, dark pool has you totally oblivious to how cold it is outside. It has you overlooking the ice that's filling your guides. It has you mesmorized by the falling snow, slowly piling on your shoulders and packs.

As the spring slowly itches it's way in, and we prepare for the small vessels floating on the water's surface that make large trout show their snouts, lets not take these remaining winter weeks forgranted...

No, it's not an easy time to fish..the winter. Every couple of hours, or on some days every couple of minutes, you have to step out and warm your body. I like to do a couple of jumping jacks while I'm along the banks on the really frigid days. It doesn't take long before I can't feel my fingers and the numbness takes over my toes. But I still bear through it. I keep slowly stepping down river to the next pool, in search of that great pulling force that will pierce the still, cold air.

But is it just the fish that brings the few and dedicated to fish on the cold winter days.. I don't know. But I do know that fish on or not, there's something special about the quietness the winter brings. Usually there's not many winter birds chirping, or many animals wandering about. The only sound that accompanies me on those wintery days are my footsteps crunching through the snow and the river rumbling beneath me.

Falling snow is one of the most peaceful sounds one can imagine. Catching a trout while the snow falls is an absolute bonus. The feeling as you let that beast slip through your fingers and glide into the dark, cold unknown.. It's wonderful.

Fly Fishing in the winter makes you really appreciate every single trout. It'll make you admire every speckle and spot even more. You'll marvel at them like it's the last one you'll see for a while, because it probably will be.

So with these words make sure to enjoy the remaining winter days we have left. Get out there and pull streamers through your favorite pools. Maybe you'll get a tug, maybe you won't - only they know. Regardless, be safe and enjoy the winter for all it's worth! It'll change you!