Catch and Release - Brown Trout

So happy to be sharing this short video of me releasing a few hefty wild brown trout back into the water which they belong. The trout in this video were caught throughout a couple trips to different rivers. They all swam away safely!! Catch and Release everyone - definitely the way to go!

River Thoughts

When I know I'm going fishing I wake up with a different kind of energy! It's truly something I can't even describe.

Spring is Here

Boulder stricken.

Riffle ripplin.

Humbly soothe my soul.

As I sit here on your banks

A Cloudy Day

Cloudy. Cold. Cobble. Stop.

I'll be right here until the caskets drop.

Flowing. Cold. Rain.

Being Here

My feet collided with small granite cobble. The crystal clear water rushed over them with a vengeance, but still peaceful.

Montana Bound

Thanks to Fly Fishing and Tying Journal, my partner Renee Catherine and I will be heading to Big Sky Country tomorrow! FTJ

west branch delaware river fly fishing delaware river brown trout

Dan the Man!!

Rock Creek

Slaying a quick couple on Rock Creek back in the day. What an amazing River..

East Branch Delaware River Article

Delaware River Article in Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine

Slideshow Recap

Random pictures of a good year! You've gotta love time on the water...

A Little About Myself

I'm happy to say FilingoFlyFishing is launching a new website and blog for your pleasure. Here's a little about myself to kick things off!