guided fly fishing adventures on the delaware river and in the pocono mountains with jesse filingo of filingo fly fishing

Chuckin that Winter Meat Around!

having some fun catching fish with streamers during the cold months with filingo fly fishing
fly fishing for wild brown trout in the pocono mountains on guided fly fishing tours with jesse filingo of filingo fly fishing

Healthy Wild Winter Browns

fly fishing on guided fly fishing tours with jesse filingo of filingo fly fishing on the upper delaware river on guided float tours for wild brown trout and wild rainbow trout

Boating vs. Wading

Learn the advantages of fly fishing from a drift boat verse fly fishing while wading!
fly fishing the pocono mountains and delaware river for wild brown trout with jesse filingo of filingo fly fishing

Winter at It's Finest

Winter's almost done..

This healthy wild brown trout was caught by casting a small dry fly right against the bank. Truly and awesome experience with jesse filingo of filingo fly fishing in the Pocono Mountains and Upper Delaware River.

Tasty Little Dry

large wild brown trout caught fly fishing on a small creek with jesse filingo of filingo fly fishing

Small Creeks = Big Browns

The newest release for Fly Fishing and Tying Journal in the Fall 2017 issue.

Fly Fishing and Tying Journal Article

It's always a pleasure working with the team at Fly Fishing and Tying Journal! My newest article, 'Getting Out to Find Trout'

Nymphing Big Wild Brown Trout

Had a great time exploring the southeast wilderness and all it has to offer. We managed to find remote water and gold. Thank you Virginia's!!
streamer tactics to help enhance your overall fly fishing experience with jesse f and jerkme j on the delaware river

Streamer Tactics Part 2

A little something to help improve the average fly fishers streamer fishing experience. Come join myself, (Jesse F) and Jerkme J on another Delaware River journey to expand your mind.
Fly fishing throughout New York and Colorado!!

Nymphing Strategies Landing Brown Trout

Excited to let ya'll into some of my deepest nymphing secrets! The more indicators you put on, the more fish you'll catch!
guided fly fishing in the pocono mountains for brown trout with jesse filingo

In This River

In This River
In this river
I've awoke my soul.
Admiration of

Dry Fly Fishing for Brown Trout

Nothing beats a wild brown trout slurping in a well presented dry fly!


Theres something so special about fly fishing in the winter..


I'll come home sometimes after spending

Fly Fishing Streamer Tactics

A short fly fishing video of enhanced streamer tactics that will help your overall fly fishing game!

Fall Fishing with Care

Now that fall is back, nobody can deny its true beauty.

Spring Creek - Big Brown

Nothing like sight fishing to big wild browns feeding amongst the weeds!!!

Falls a Coming

A little something something about the fall..

Summer Care

We all love the sweet smell of summer.

Giant Brown Trout Being Released

Catch and Release all day ya'll!

Connections Magazine Story

Short story about my love and passion for fly fishing

Fly Fishing for Wild Brown Trout - Jesse Filingo - guide

Big Delaware River Brown Trout Released

It's so important to practice catch and release on all wild fish species! This big beautiful brown was handled with care and released safely back into it's natural environment.

My Hearts Home!

The water rushes beneath my feet,

as my mind has lost track of time.

The water whisks its way

Drifting Through Life..

The morning started out foggy, hazy, and cool as it so often does in the spring on the Delaware River.