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Wine, Dine, and Cast a Line. Before you know it we're out of Time..

Welcome to Filingo Fly Fishing

FilingoFlyFishing is far from your average guide service. I built this company from the ground up to be unique and stand apart from the rest. How do I do that you ask..? It's simple - by giving you a fresh and beautiful experience on the water. I wouldn't dare tell you that on my trips your guaranteed to catch "The Largest Fish" you've ever seen. Nope.. I can promise that I will provide you with opportunities to catch fish, however; but I can't hold the rod for you. More importantly, I will make sure we have the time of our lives while on a guided tour together, or when taking a casting or tying lesson. Not only am I a guide, but also a teacher of the art form and rivers. This means that I'll be filling you with knowledge on bugs as we lift rocks together, fish as we see them behave, and every other aspect of the river's lively veins. As our day comes to an end, you'll leave our experience with full confidence that you can catch fish wherever you may be, alone or in company. You'll now have the knowledge and skill sets to feel much more comfortable on the water.

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Fishing Conditions: February 22, 2018

Pocono Mountains Streams: More rain and wet, soggy conditions around the Pocono Mountain region today. Most of our rivers throughout the Poconos were already pretty high, and should currently be climbing. Some rivers might be too muddy to safely wade right now. They're calling for quite a bit more rain over the next couple of days around the Pocono Mountain region, so I'm guessing were looking at higher water for a while. It looks like fly fishing with streamers will still be on the menu for a while throughout the Pocono Mountains. Once temps stay warm, you can expect to maybe see some Midges, Blue Quills, and early Stones coming off the water. Fly fishing's first dry fly opportunities here in the Pocono Mountain area. Keep those fingers crossed and wade safe in the higher water.

Delaware River System: The West Branch of the Delaware River is flowing roughly 1,580cfs and 36 degrees at Hale Eddy. The East Branch of the Delaware River is flowing roughly 3,030cfs and 35 degrees at Fish Eddy. The Main Stem is flowing roughly 5,5300cfs and 36-37 degrees at Lordville.

So we've been floating these last couple of warm days on the Upper Delaware River. The West Branch of the Delaware River is pumping in the least amount of flow, but like all stretches of the Upper Delaware system, it's murky. All stems are starting to receed in cfs, but they'll remain murky for a while. We're getting snow around the Upper Delaware River right now, and when this starts to melt from rain and warmer weather, we'll have another spike in flows. Fly fishing with streamers right now is definitely the ticket. Fish ate a variety of colors over the last few days, and with the stained water don't hesitate to put on a streamer with some added color. The West Branch of the Delaware River produced a couple fish yesterday, and despite the sleet, rain, snow, and 6,500cfs, the Main Stem of the Delaware River produced some fish today. Your definitely going to have to work to catch fish right now, but they're out there and eating if the timing's right!

Winter is in full strength but we're already booking for the spring thing! Call to Book a Trip Today!!!  HAPPY 2018!!!

West Branch Delaware River - Stilesville

West Branch Delaware River - Hale Eddy

East Branch Delaware River - Downsville

East Branch Delaware River - Fish's Eddy

Delaware River - Lordville