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As Summer winds down and Fall approaches, the Perfect Weather, Bugs, and Fish are just waiting for us!!!

Wine, Dine, and Cast a Line. Before you know it we're out of Time..

Welcome to Filingo Fly Fishing

FilingoFlyFishing is far from your average guide service. I built this company from the ground up to be unique and stand apart from the rest. How do I do that you ask..? It's simple - by giving you a fresh and beautiful experience on the water. I wouldn't dare tell you that on my trips your guaranteed to catch "The Largest Fish" you've ever seen. Nope.. I can promise that I will provide you with opportunities to catch fish, however; but I can't hold the rod for you. More importantly, I will make sure we have the time of our lives while on a guided tour together, or when taking a casting or tying lesson. Not only am I a guide, but also a teacher of the art form and rivers. This means that I'll be filling you with knowledge on bugs as we lift rocks together, fish as we see them behave, and every other aspect of the river's lively veins. As our day comes to an end, you'll leave our experience with full confidence that you can catch fish wherever you may be, alone or in company. You'll now have the knowledge and skill sets to feel much more comfortable on the water.

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Fishing Conditions: August 21, 2017

Pocono Mountains Streams: The rivers throughout the Pocono Mountain region are flowing well and clear. We're seeing hit and miss Tricos in the morning, Slate Drakes sprinkled in there depending on the evening, as well as small BWO's depending on the day in the Poconos. I've also been noticing fish eating small bouncing Caddis in the morning on some river's around the Poconos. As the season wears on the Tricos and Slate Drakes should increase in numbers around the Pocono Mountain region. The nymphing has remained consistent and patterns will vary depending on where your at. Common patterns along with Iso nymph patterns are working well in most of the systems.

Delaware River System: The West Branch of the Delaware River is flowing roughly 659cfs and 52-59 degrees at Hale Eddy. The East Branch of the Delaware River is flowing roughly 599cfs and 65-70 degrees at Fish Eddy. The Main Stem is flowing roughly 1,550cfs and 65-69 degrees at Lordville.

Flows are calming down throughout the Upper Delaware River. The East Branch of the Delaware River and Main Stem of the Delaware are still too warm to fish unless your going to get after them early in the AM. Please be careful of the temps your fishing! As things clear up a bit and flows steady, the nymphing will get better, and so will the dry fly fishing. We've been seeing quite a bit of Tricos in the early hours on the West Branch of the Delaware River. Slate Drakes are also seen randomly depending on the day and conditions, and the small BWO's have been more steady. The cooler days and nights are coming so we should be good to go, making everything fishable.

Summer's winding down and the fall fishing is on it's way, don't miss out on that! Call to Book a Trip Today!!!

West Branch Delaware River - Stilesville

West Branch Delaware River - Hale Eddy

East Branch Delaware River - Downsville

East Branch Delaware River - Fish's Eddy

Delaware River - Lordville