Summer Care

We all love the sweet smell of summer. The way the breeze flickers leaves around our valleys, actually feeling good against our skin. Speaking of skin, we can now leave the waders hanging in the closet.. Ahhh.... Wet Wading. As fish begin leaving the comforts of their deep pools and pack into shallower, turbid water, they become a delight to catch. I mean, who doesn't love picking feisty trout of the pocket water of prestigous streams..?

Although all of this makes for one great experience, now that it's August and peak season for low, warming water, it's also important to know when NOT to fish certain trout waters. Late summer comes with a price depending on how dry the season has been. Therefor, you have to be aware of what conditions prove deadly to trout. Before you begin fishing in the morning, take a water temp and if it starts in the mid to upper 60's, it's a good bet that by the afternoon hours water will be to hot to fish. Trout can't survive in warm water, and have a hard time surviving in water that's warming if they're pressured.

For instance, hooking into then fighting them. In warm water this can be deadly and all it takes. Even upon releasing fish that swim away okay, they may not be able to gain back enough strength to survive and can die shortly after what seems like a perfectly fine release.

With all this said, just be aware of the later summer low water you choose to fish. A couple hook-ups with our cherished trout just isn't worth fishing in hot water. Be careful, and protect the next generation of trout. Temp the water and gage the situation as you see fit. Be a steward of the river and take care of all that thrive within it.