guided fly fishing in the pocono mountains for brown trout with jesse filingo

In This River

In This River
In this river
I've awoke my soul.
Admiration of how she rocks and rolls.
High and mighty
with a softest touch.
A fools paradise shes far from but..
Many hours I've spent right here.
There's nowhere else I'd rather be.
Except in the arms
of my lovers bed.
But today i'll settle for this instead.
Shes helped me grow
and molded a man.
Filled my heart with passion to understand.
I'll always come back
in search of who knows.
Anything but normality that averages my woes.
I'm in love with her beat.
I'm in love with her flow.
I'm in love with her rhythm.
I'm in love with her so.
She's the perfect mistress
with sparkling eyes.
She holds the gold I seek in her lies.
Here I sit
like I've always done.
Waiting on the clouds to show the sun.
She's my partner.
She's my escape.
I'm in love with this river.
I'm in love with her.