Fall Fishing with Care

Now that fall is back, nobody can deny its true beauty.

Spring Creek - Big Brown

Nothing like sight fishing to big wild browns feeding amongst the weeds!!!
awesome wild brown trout with filingoflyfishing

Deb and Chels = Two Amazing Ladies!!

guided fly fishing trip in the poconos

Chelsea getting things Done with her 1st Attempt Fly Fishing!!

guided fly fishing in the pocono mountains

Runc Loves FOAM..!

guided fly fishing in the pocono mountains

Team Work makes the Dream Work!!

delaware river guided fly fishing

Definitely in Good Company with this Guy!

guided float trip on the delaware river

The Man. The Myth. The Legend!

beautiful brown trout

Jeff Kept Digging Until he Found GOLD!!!

big pocono mountains brown trout with filingoflyfishing

Corey, aka - Mr. 20in Brown!!!!

pocono mountains brown trout

Corey with a Hard Fighting Wild Brown!!

west branch delaware river brown trout

The California Kid Strikes Gold BABY!!!

west branch delaware river fly fishing trips with filingoflyfishing

Mikes First time with a Fly Rod! No Fish, but This Guys a Good Time!

guided fly fishing on the delaware river

Two Lovebirds Enjoying a Float, and Yes, Shes Holding a Stogie!

sulphur mayfly on the west branch delaware river

The Dirty Getting it Done in the Tough!!

fly casting in the pocono mountains

The Family just out there Learning how to Get After'um!!

Falls a Coming

A little something something about the fall..
fly fishing for wild brown trout in the pocono mountains

Chris with his First Wild Trout on the Fly!

pocono mountains guided fly fishing trip

Andrew with a Beauty of a Perch!

pocono mountains guided fly fishing

The Kressanator Nailing a Hook-Set!!

delaware river fly fishing with filingoflyfishing

It was an Honor getting to know you Two : Thom Bomb and Andoff!

guided fly fishing trips on the delaware river

Andy Showing you what FilingoFlyFishings ALL ABOUT!!

Summer Care

We all love the sweet smell of summer.

Giant Brown Trout Being Released

Catch and Release all day ya'll!